What is better, bird spikes or bird netting?

Generally, all bird control methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. bird nettingusually targets birds of all types. This is because the sizes of the nets can be adjusted depending on the type of birds in question. While bigger nets will deter bigger birds such as pigeons, smaller nets can be used to stop sparrows and starlings. Yes, bird netting only prevents birds from roosting under ledges and other locations. That, however, doesn’t mean the birds cannot roost on the nets themselves.

  • Bigger birds

Bird spikes, on the other hand, work to prevent birds from nesting on ledges. This is by ensuring there is very little space for the birds to even land. Bigger birds like pigeons and doves can effectively be warded off by bird spikes. However, the only undoing of this method is that is cannot keep off smaller species like sparrows and starlings.

  • Any type of landing

In a way, bird netting is better that bird spikes for their ability to prevent all bird sizes from landing in the unwanted areas. However, bird spikes, in most cases, don’t allow for any type of landing. They, therefore seem better than bird netting. The method you select has all to do with where you want to use it.

The choice is Total Bird Control!